Six Sigma Consulting & Advisory

Lean Six Sigma consulting relies upon Six Sigma tools and techniques that produce results. Working closely with client organisations we shift the focus from “the way things have always been done” to the creation of measurable customer and quality focussed processes.  Through careful study of existing processes, goal identification and Lean Six Sigma training, dramatic results are possible. Transforming an organisation according to the lean Six Sigma model is a process of evaluation, definition, implementation and measurement.  Working closely with client organisations we enable success through every step in the process.

Whether the goal is to increase revenues, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, eliminate waste, increase customer satisfaction, achieve long-term goals, or improve overall business performance, SSTC experts can help our clients achieve success.

We realise that every company is unique; hence we customise our consulting to fit our client’ needs. Working with clients every step of the way, our Six Sigma consultants and expert trainers follow a business improvement process that begins with goal setting and planning and ends with goal realisation.

Our consulting approach to improve business processes, products and services can be summarised as follows:

  • We work with our clients to identify their needs and objectives.
  • We determine the root causes then implement effective solutions.
  • Train the managers and practitioners to be successful in undertaking new business processes.
  • Empower clients to succeed in the long term.
Six Sigma Audits & Advisory

Six Sigma Audit Processes

The  Six Sigma audit process involves the use of questionnaires and checklists that allow auditors to assess the existing status of business processes, which is then compared with predetermined standards or desired results. The standards are very specific and are clearly defined at the commencement of the deployment phase.

The Six Sigma audit process is also similar to the quality audit conducted by an ISO 9000 certified company. Many companies have even gone beyond and included VOC factors (voice of customer) while carrying out the audit.

Checklists And Charts For Six Sigma Audits

By using descriptive charts prepared in the form of checklists, the auditors are able to ensure that proper checks are conducted on every aspect of the project. These checklists are prepared at the initial stages of the project deployment process. Each individual checklist is specifically prepared for assessing the status of a particular business process or activity. The process checklists are based on SOP’s (standard operating procedures), which is determined at the beginning of the project implementations. These checklists contain questions that help auditors in determining whether a particular process is being followed or not. It also helps in assessing how well a particular process has been implemented. Depending on the answers, all the numerous processes are then rated on the fact sheet based a predetermined scale.

The actual answers are also summarized and recorded on the sheet itself. For example, while auditing business processes related to the dispatch system, the process variations that are recorded in the operator’s log are revealed during the audit. The variations are then compared to standard deviation for determining the full extent of the problem. The data representing the deviations can be utilized for finding out the exact causes that lead to the deviation. Six Sigma audits help in ensuring the success of implementation projects.

Business Strategy & Turnaround Planning

SSTC is geared to provide your business with an analysis of a Process Improvement Plan that will result in adopting a New Strategy & required Turnaround program. Our Team is highly experienced in applying the Six Sigma Ethos and Flavour to enable a gradual & effective introduction of Newer processes without totally disrupting your existing Workflows & Policies. We pride ourselves on enabling you the Client to ideally understand, comprehend & adopt a Roadmap from the “As Is Phase” to the desired “To Be Phase” using our DMAIC Philosophy. Our Consultative & Interactive approach with the CEO & Executive Team enables us to “Tailor Make” strategies. The Processes are ALWAYS designed with the approval of the CEO / MD & we encourage the endorsement from the Executive Management. Duration of this Service is totally Client dependent as our experiences of past projects have been inclusive of the overall business or Specific Departments or Divisions.

Project Management & Project Coaching

This intensive and hands-on series of courses gives you the skills to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget while giving the user the product they expect. You will gain a strong working knowledge of the basics of project management and be able to immediately use that knowledge to effectively manage work projects.

Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning

This Service by SSTC is specifically developed to enable the Sales & Marketing Division of a Business to “Align Processes with the Voice of the Customer”. Unlike our Competitors who offer Sales Courses, we pride ourselves by enabling the Sales Exco Teams & Sales Directors to apply the Six Sigma DMAIC Ideology too! – A First in SA! The main objective is to also enasure that the Company Policy & Vision as defined by the Executive Management is effectively carried out and administered by all the relevant Middle Management & responsible Sales Teams. It is a New Way to Delivering the”Strategy & Tactics” in Unison and Uniformally across the Business. Most companies often have Successful Sales Divisions & Sales Personnel, however the” Ability to remain Effective & Efficient PLUS Adding Extra Capacity” is where SSTC will train Staff to ADD VALUE to Successful Teams! We apply a Consultative & Constructive approach whilst consistantly addressing the Voice of the Customer. Duration of this Service too is Client Dependant & the ” Strategy & Tactics ” approach entails Customer, Consumer & Trade Visits in our Planning!

Client Retention & Growth Programs

SSTC also offers Expertise & Planning relating to Client Retention Programs, linked to methodologies that are carefully developed to ensure Client Growth. This Advisory is specifically ‘Tailor Made’ to the Client’s Vision on Future Profit Target Criteria, taking into account Customer Grading, Profitability by Deals & Promotions. Our vast experience in the Supply Chain, Distribution, Retail & Wholesale including e-Commerce Retailing is a Value Add Proposition to setting out such programs. Once again, the DMAIC Philosophy is applied in our Advisory process to derive an Efficient, Lean & Effective Platform to enable consistancy & sustainability in Sales growth. SSTC will include the Analysis of the “As Is” stages to develop a “To Be” phase within an agreed time span, including the total Exco & Management personnel. Supported in the “Measure, Analyse, Improve & Control” stages, we also offer the Client various Value Added Enterprise IT & Cloud Based Mobility Tools to enable users to not only have the Working Tools relating to Customer performance but also a Live & Interactive Reporting Program that accounts for his / her own objectives. Duration of this Service too is Client Dependant & the ” Strategy & Tactics ” approach entails Customer, Consumer & Trade Visits in our Planning!

Sales / CRM Workforce Mobility Solutions

There are many Enterprise & Cloud Based Sales & Key Account management tools available today, but none that are based on the Six Sigma & DMAIC Philosophy. Similarly from the Client Retention & Growth Programs, the Sales CRM & Workforce Mobility Solutions offered by SSTC are totally flexible & Client Industry Specific. The SSTC Team has successfully provided such Live & Interactive CRM Solutions to a wide & diversified industry spectrum, both in SA & even Internationally. The real advantage & benefits are directly in relation to the LEAN Six Sigma Ideology whereby the Sales Person – of any level, from Call centre to Sales Director are empowered to access Data, Past call History, Complaints, Sales Updates – Revenue & Units etc directly from any electronic device! Our expertise also enables the Platform to store e mails, admin documents, contracts & agreements, checklists, orders, stock lists, inspections sheets, call reports & call cycles etc at the easiest nearest hardware. SSTC has various Mobility Solution options that also empowers the Customers of our Clients with Data, Updates, Bulletins and even PHOTOGRAPH UPLOADS. We also advise & design similar dashboards and the required architecture to enable Flawless, Seamless Sales Efficiency! It actually Revolutionises the Way You achieve Sales! Duration of this service too is Client Dependant & will be demand the Sales & Exco Heads to endorse the program with Full participation & Support. Efficiency is a Given!

Analytics & Business Intelligence Programs

SSTC has developed a Statistical & Process Related Program to Clients that often have all the available Data, yet are unable to derive factual, hidden & relevant & Efficient results. Using the Six Sigma DMAIC Ethos, we are able to remove the ‘Emotional Decision Making Indicators’ to enable ‘Effective & Workable’ processes to be implemented. We offer the Client a better level of BI by way of Establishing Statistical & Baseline Measurements to a Six Sigma Flavoured Analysis Platform.  To achieve a Higher Level of Profit, Businesses need to constantly look at Efficiency Levels, and our Analytics & BI Programs empowers users to make the Correct, Effective & Comprehended Decisions! SSTC offer their Unique Six Sigma orientated Analytics & BI services to Parastatals & JSE Listed Corporations – Utilising their Existing Data and Business Intelligence & Marketing Analytics Reports – we have enabled them to create better Efficiency & Profit Targets – by “Aligning the Voice of the Customer & the Voice of the Process!”. Duration of this service too is Client Dependant but it does involve the full participation of the BI & Analytics Teams, Exco, Sales & Marketing Teams & Loyalty Platforms.

Manufacturing & Service Efficiency Solutions

The Six Sigma Programs of all Levels are Ideally Suited to ANY Manufacturing Business. The true advantage is to reduce Waste in every aspect & apply the LEAN Policies. From our Yellow Belt Courses, through the Green Belt, Six Sigma empowers even the Junior or Floor Staff to adopt an Ethos of Efficiency. We are widely flexible in also offering easy to understand, simple yet effective training in creating the Six Sigma Foundations throughout ANY Factory, Plant or Prefacture.  EXCELLENCE becomes a Norm! Our Black Belt & Master Black Belt Training is offered to Middle to Higher Management thus creating Champions & Culture Developers in the “Quest for perfection & profit”. Our initial interaction with new prospects includes an On Site Phase whereby we apply a DMAIC introduction phase to understand the Client needs and often also the Customer or end user needs. This is again to comprehend the ‘Voice of the Customer’ so as to apply a planned project that includes ALL key Stakeholders & the Sponsor’s Endorsement.

SSTC is currently training and developing various Manufacturers & Inspectors Quality Assurance Inspectors in Asia using the Six Sigma Philosphy at all levels using the Six Sigma Ethos & Philosopy. Our Consulting Phase can establish a Six Sigma program suiatble to the Client within 5 days. The  Yelow or Green Belt Courses can be effectively facilitated in a 5 Day period, however, the Black Belt & Master Black Belt courses are facilitated in a 10 day period; 5 days at a time but can be spread over a 90 day window. Production Management,  Process Engineers,  QC Heads,  Senior Management are encouraged to attend Courses. SSTC also recommends the Change Management Courses to follow. The Success of the Six Sigma Culture demands the Full Support & ‘Buy-In’ of the EXCO & CEO and SSTc also has a 1 Day Exceutive & CEO orienatation course to this effect.

Imports Sourcing & Quality Assurance

Six Sigma, which defines itself as a relentless quest for perfection through the disciplined use of fact-based, data-driven, decision-making methodology, is one methodology that companies can use to make their supply chains more responsive, foster innovation, and improve quality across the board. When properly applied, this ultimately leads to lower costs, greater profits, greater customer satisfaction rates and earnings per share for the shareholders, which is why Six Sigma has caught on at a number of large enterprises. But it’s no light undertaking – it requires massive commitment from the CEO down, considerable amounts of training and application, master black belts, black belts, and green belts, and operational changes across the board. In addition, it often requires new mindsets, new methodologies, new technologies, new performance metrics, and, most importantly, new incentives.