BPM & Workflow Solutions - Planning & Execution

Every efficient business needs to consistently address & evaluate their Workflows & Business Process. SSTC facilitates Process Mapping Workshops that are fully to enable full departmental & exco participation to create efficient execution.

Business Improvement Strategy & Leadership

Successful business need to consistently address & evalute their Strategies & keep focussed on how Business Plans perform in line with set Goals & Objectives. SSTC will enable & facilitate New & Innovative ways to establish Improved Strategies.

Continuous Improvement Processes - 5S & 7W

CI or Continueous Improvement is an essential & integral Six Sigma Culture that will enable all Business Units to consistently remain focussed on Efficiencies in their Processes. Simple 5S & 7W methodologies are thus embedded in all Processes.

Annual Strategy Workshop

SSTC has vast expertise in the facilitation & enabling of involving your Business to review and re-stratgise toward a Yearly Vision – or Strategy Workshop Process. Leading Edge Planning & re-determining of Strategy is vital to all Business Success.

Mobility, Interactive & Efficient BI Solutions & Reports

Interactive & Live Managerment of People & Processes are Vital in today’s fast & ever changing Trading & Operations Processes. SSTC has the expertise to Empower your Business to become fully Mobility Efficient with seamless BI Solution to suit.

Consulting & Advisory Services for CI & BPM

SSTC will extract the best Efficiency Processes from Initial Consulting Phases when engaging with our Clients. The resultant is then to establish & roll out Tailor-Made CI & BPM Processes to ensure Six Sigma Culture becomes key in your Business.